With our Founder Cosimo Dente’s determination to bring you buildings that are perfectly aligned to your taste, the Malvern Building Group makes sure that each client receives exactly what they want, with respect to the designs and plans for their new construction. Our homes are sure to be to your utmost satisfaction, as we ensure clarity in all aspects of the process.

The architects that we engage develop a detailed design option that is approved by a contractor to see if the design is technically possible. After the necessary approvals, Custom Home Builders Adelaide designs are discussed with the client, and planning and approval are taken for the same following any changes that they require or desire.

After an initial consultation with the architects, the Malvern Group obtains the appropriate building approvals from the Council, and then we commence the construction process. When the building and the Custom Homes Adelaide process is over, they are handed over to the client with the appropriate permissions and papers. Post the handover service, maintenance of the structure is guaranteed.

Our clean and sharp designs have gathered much appreciation, resulting in our steady rise in Adelaide’s construction industry. With our involvement in every process, every step of the way, Malvern’s sole aim is to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. We strive to work with aggressive schedules and work towards building our customer’s next dream building or home.